George Whitefield:Pioneering Evangelist

22 Jan

George Whitefield:

Pioneering Evangelist


Celtic Cross.  Copyright 2003 S.G.P.  All Rights Reserved.


Cover Illustration © 1999 Dick Bobnick __________________________________ George Whitefield: Pioneering Evangelist is available to Supporters of “Alfian Palar Ministries”


Celtic Cross carved on a stone (found on Iona).

By Bruce and Becky Durost Fish

Meet the first “modern” evangelist.

When George Whitefield preached about Calvary, his audience saw the blood. When he spoke of Christ’s crucifixion, his listener’s felt the nails.

Between 1776 and 1770, George Whitefield preached more than eighteen thousand sermons to crowds in Great Britain, Northern Europe, and the American Colonies. As many as eighty percent of those living in the New World heard him preach at least once. In all, his audiences numbered in the millions, and millions more were exposed through his words through newspapers, magazines, and printed versions of his sermons, journals, and letters.

George Whitefield revolutionized preaching and introduced a totally new approach to evangelism. His ministry was not tied to any particular denomination, and he used the popular media to publicize his meetings. With his passion to reach individuals for Christ, he changed the lives of millions. His methods became the foundation for modern evangelism and continue to affect lives today.





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