Billy Graham: The Great Evangelist

22 Jan

Billy Graham: The Great Evangelist


Celtic Cross.  Copyright 2003 S.G.P.  All Rights Reserved.


Cover Illustration © 1996 Dick Bobnick __________________________________

Billy Graham: The Great Evangelist is available to Supporters of Alfian Palar Ministries.


Celtic Cross carved on a stone (found on Iona).

By Sam Wellman

“His sanctuary is the world.”

Billy Graham has preached the Gospel in person to more people than any other Christian in history. In person: more than eighty countries…over 110 million people. And through television and radio hundreds of millions more.

No preacher before him had used the mass media to such advantage. No preacher before or after him has delivered the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to so many. Billy Graham, who has preached in person in more than eighty countries to over 110 million people, and has reached hundreds of millions through television and radio, is truly of phenomenon of the twentieth century.

At a time when Segregation according to skin color was the Law in the U.S. South, Billy Graham was the first Evangelist to refuse to allow Segregated seating, when as a young preacher he held his first Evangelistic Crusades there.

Yet since his first outdoor meeting in 1949 the focus of this extraordinary North Carolina-born evangelist has remained the same: to proclaim the Christian faith to nonbelievers. This simple desire has led Graham’s ministry into uncharted territory as he crossed racial and political barriers without fear of criticism.

Unquestionably regarded as one of the leading Christian figures of his generation, Billy Graham has remained as sought after in Washington, D.C. as in Warsaw. His personal integrity and humility, and most of all, his simple yet profound delight in God’s Word continue to _____________________________



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