George Müller: Man of Faith

22 Jan

George Müller: Man of Faith


of George Muller.

George Müller


(also spelled Mueller, Muller)

English Evangelist and Philanthropist; a man of faith and prayer.

Born in Prussia in 1805, by age 10 George was inventing plans to embezzle the government monies his father had charge of. His school years were years of drunkenness and immorality. At age sixteen he was jailed for failing to pay his bills.

The University he attended had 900 Divinity students. George said that there were only about nine who truly feared God. He continued in sin until at age 20 he received Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour.

George married and became a Pastor, but refused his salary when he found out it was collected from “pew-rents.” He decided to live on faith from that time forward.

Müller established Orphanages in Bristol, England, and founded the “Scriptural Knowledge Institution for Home and Abroad.” His life was characterized by prayer, faith, and self-denial in the cause of Christ.

During his lifetime, he established 117 schools which educated more than 120,000 young persons, including orphans.

In 1875, at the age of 70, and until age 87, he had a 17-year ministry of world-wide Evangelistic tours, which also raised money for his orphanages and the thousands of children in them.

He would live for another six years. At the time of his death at age 93 in 1898, the Church that he pastored in Bristol had about 2,000 members.

Drawing of Celtic Cross carved into a stone (found on Island of Iona).



By Bonnie Harvey

Cover illustration © Dick Bobnick. _________________________________


A Life of Prayer and Faith

Psalm 68:5 spoke to George Müller’s heart in a unique way. Believing that his material needs would be supplied through faith and prayer alone, Müller began a ministry in 1835 for orphaned children based entirely upon God for support.

Such complete reliance on his Heavenly Father was nothing new for George Müller. Daily Bible reading and prayer were an essential part of this prayer warrior’s life. Within a few years, thousands of orphans on Ashley Down, near Bristol, England, were having their needs met, and more, because of Müller’s mission.

George Müller knew that the “Father to the fatherless” still provided for his children. He had God’s word on it. _________________________________

Andrew Murray On George Müller

“When God wishes anew to teach His Church a truth that is not being understood or practiced, He mostly does so by raising some man to be in word and deed a living witness to its blessedness. And so God has raised up in this nineteenth century, among others, George Muller to be His witness that He is indeed the Hearer of prayer. I know of no way in which the principal truths of God’s word in regard to prayer can be more effectually illustrated and established than a short review of his life and of what he tells of his prayer-experiences.”

-Andrew Murray On George Müller



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