Mission Journey 2011

11 Feb

Please pray for our mission journey 2011….

We’ll conduct a program “Hope Of Nation” 2011. It’s plan on midst of year 2011.

On this mission journey, we will going to West Kalimantan, Malasya, Singepore and Thailand, to encourage the Unreach People Group, empowering and training leaders, also go to orpanage with children of outcast.

After ten years of ministry (almost in exclusively) in Indonesia, we are now setting our sights on other parts of the world. Next 5 month we will return to West Kalimantans after nearly three years. We are confident that a huge harvest is waiting to be reaped there and we need your help to go. Please continue to support us with your prayers and finances…we depend on you.

Dear partner, please intercede for us throughout this year. The work happening here is a matter of life and death for multitudes of people. We are co-laborers together with you and whether your calling is to pray, to pay or to preach, each one of us is a vital link in the chain of God’s purposes. Thank you for your partnership.

More to come…

Together in the Harvest,

Alfian P

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