Choosing a Leader
“For as Elisha washed the hands of Elijah, so also you must learn to be a servant first. Indeed Elisha rose up in double the anointing, as shall you – but it did not come without cost. It came from being a servant. And so will your ministry begin. In the shadow of the one I have placed over you.

Allow me to make of you an example of a true disciple. Then as you excell in being a disciple, I will make of you a master. But first begins servanthood. So follow close to My heart and know I have planned your steps. Trust now and rest in faith – for I indeed have all in hand says the Lord. ”

Of course to be a disciple you need a ‘master’ to follow. The relationship does not necessarily need to be personal – all you need is to find someone you want to be like. Look around for someone with the qualities of leadership that you most desire. Then submit yourself to their instruction and teaching. Do not compete or try to prove yourself. Just sit and watch and take it in. Soon enough the Lord will raise you up into their anointing as you desire and follow after with passion. An example from Christian circles would be to look at Benny Hinn, who is known as the one true disciple of Kathryn Kuhlman. Yet do you know he two of them never met? Benny watched all her shows and desired to be just like her! If you look at him now, you would think they were blood related! They look the same, operate the same and even dress in the same white clothes!
In the New Testament Paul and Timothy are also a good example. Timothy took all Paul taught him and implemented it in his own churches. I bet if you had to bump into Timothy on the street, he probably spoke like Paul, walked like Paul and preached like Paul! It is God’s order. When Jesus ascended He told the disciples: “Go ye into all the world and make disciples of all men!” The Apostles could go and make disciples, because they sat under Jesus for those three years. They gave up their families, homes and lives for Him. They were as servants for Him. Preparing the meals, organizing venues to sleep and to eat. Yet look what they birthed in the New Testament church! This is God’s order and if you would just learn to humble yourself for a season then the time will come when the Lord will raise you up in the sight of others.
When that time comes, you will rise up in humility and you will rise up in fear and trepidation, realizing the responsibility and weight of the call the Lord has placed


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